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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Cutting Edge initiatives - Using Drama in Training

Cutting Edge courses are for our most discerning clients, ones that have done the circuit of traditional training titles. As the name suggest this category includes our latest and most ‘Cutting Edge’ initiatives. 

Programmes in this category include Drama-based learning using “Training Actors”. Our Train-the-Trainer, Managers As Facilitators and Outbound Team Building programmes are hot favourites .

A Training-Actor is a professional actor who steps into the arena of training. The concept of using trained actors is quite popular in Europe as it serves a unique purpose. During a usual role-play the participants get self-conscious and the learning point gets pushed into the background. A trained actor makes the interaction very ‘real’ as he plays the role with objectivity.

A practise session with a training actor is the closest experience to reality. We have several models that allow a variety of interaction and various ways that the trainees can ‘experience’ the learning.

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