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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Dramaturgy - another cutting edge program from our portfolio

Cutting Edge courses are for our most discerning clients, ones that have done the circuit of traditional training titles. As the name suggest this category includes our latest and most ‘Cutting Edge’ initiatives. Programmes in this category include Drama-based learning using “Training Actors”. Our Train-the-Trainer, Managers As Facilitators and Outbound Team Building programmes are hot favourites .

Dramaturgy is part of our cutting edge portfolio and the purpose is to learn how to apply theatrical aspects to presentation skills in order to have more interactive and engaging presentations. Some of the topics we cover are

Impression Management

Control & Confidence

Understanding Social Interactions

Hierarchy and Protocol

Audience Awareness and Interaction

Theatre as a Metaphor for People Behaviour

Training inCorporate is a full-service learning and development consultancy focused on making learning a high octane and engaging experience. Our corporate training programs include - Communication Skills, Presentation skills, Public speaking skills, Selling Skills, Leadership, Creativity, Problem Solving, Decision making, Executive presence, Coaching, Mentoring, Train the Trainer, Teamwork, Team building, Outbound training programs

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